Mawlamyine, 11 August

Members of people’s defence force should not keep themselves in mind that they are more superior than civilians as they have involved in revolution regardless of their lives, and they will be removed from resistance force, said the minister for defence of National Unity Government.

In his speech at the Batch (2) Company Commander training course completion event of People’s Defence Force under the National Unity Government, Minister U Ye Mon said, “Our weapons were received from the funds of people, and we are eating foods provided by people. So, PDFs should not mistreat and  torture people by using these arms.  We need to remove such ‘black sheep’ from PDF.”

He continued to say that the strategy of PDFs are being implemented with the support of people, and that the enemies (military junta) is facing various crisis in politics, military, economy and international relations.

The Ministry of Defence has announced that disciplinary action has been taken against the deputy leader of People’s Defence Organization (Saw township) as he reportedly beat civilians.

The defence minister also urged the PDFs to serve for people and help them in their works, while they are being organized for the revolution.

He also appreciated allied forces which helped in various military trainings for PDF over the past two years.

 News—Than Lwin Times


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