Hpruso, 17 August

 The junta troops that invaded Hproso in Kayah State were forced to retreat after suffering heavy casualties, according to the Karen Nationalities Defence Force (KNDF).

Since 12 July, junta forces advanced towards Hpruso from Demoso, sparking clashes near Htee Thaw Ku village.

Fighting raged until August 15, and regime forces fled from Htee Thaw Ku to Kadar Lar village for reinforcement, a member of the KNDF told Than Lwin Times.

The KNDF said several troops, including a battalion commander and a captain from the 55th Light Infantry Division, were killed in the battle, and the number of casualties is still being investigated.

The KNDF said that they have seized a large amount of ammunition as well as large and small arms from the advanced junta army.

Some military officials were killed in Hpruso battle, according to pro-junta Telegram accounts.

The regime forces have planted landmines in the villages and is carrying out airstrikes on the surrounding areas.

According to analysts, the military council may be attempting to take control of the Demoso-Hpruso route in order to regain the lost Mae Se camp on the Thailand-Kayah border.

Following the military takeover, regime forces have carried out airstrikes and artillery shelling, committed human rights violations, and carried out arson attacks in the resistance stronghold of Kayah state.

News-Than Lwin Times


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