Theft, robbery cases jump in Ye


Ye, 20 August

Theft and robbery cases have increased in Ye Township, Mon state, where martial law has been imposed during two years of military coup, locals told Than Lwin Times.

Home burglaries and motorcycle looting at gunpoint occur not just at night, but also throughout the day.

Motorcycle robberies and burglaries of schools, social organizations, and people’s homes have become common since July.

A resident said that thieves and robbers broke into homes and stole electric motors and power cables, among other valuable things.

Furthermore, perpetrators of theft and robbery frequently enter houses and, or rob people at gunpoint or knifepoint in deserted places.

A curfew has been announced in Ye, but thieves and robbers move around almost every night, and the military council is unable to deal with these problems effectively, so the people no longer make complaints and are protecting themselves, according to local residents. 

More thefts and robberies in Ye Township occur frequently day by day, but the military council has yet to take action.

The military council declared martial law in Ye township, the resistance stronghold, since 2 February this year.

News-Than Lwin Times



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