Three battles break out in one day between TNLA and military


Lashio, 22 August

 Clashes occurred three times within a day between the military council and the Taang National Liberation Army (TNLA)  in Lashio and Kutkhaing townships, northern Shan state, on 19 August.

As the military troops were mobilized, one battle broke out in Lashio, and two in Kutkhaing.

Conflict in Kutkhaing took place as the military transported arms and ammunitions to Namtphetkar by 21 trucks, according to the report of TNLA without mentioning the details of causality and injury. And Than Lwin Times has no response from TNLA to verify independently.

During armed clashes between TNLA and the military since 23 July, at least 25 soldiers have been killed, some war of prisoners were arrested, and arms and ammunitions were confiscated.

News—Than Lwin Times



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