Nyaunglaybin, 25 August

The junta army burned down more than 100 houses of civilians during three-week fighting in KNU Brigade 3’s Nyaunglaybin  District, according to the Karen National Union.

Fierce fighting broke out between regime forces and the combined force of the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA) in Nyaunglaybin District’s Kyaukgyi and Mone Townships since the third week of July.

According to KNU, the junta army set fire to 27 houses, 16 barns, 11 tents, and other items in Naukkon village, Mone Township, in the battle on 18 July.

Meanwhile, the junta burned down nearly 20 houses in the raid on Namza village in KNU’s Kyaukkyi Township on 19 July.

According to the statement, the junta troops stationed in Namza village conducted arson attacks during the first week of August, destroying 68 houses out of a total of 126.

More than 8,000 local inhabitants have fled as a result of shooting and attacks by the regime forces targeting civilians in the Nyaunglaybin District, and those captured have been imprisoned.

According to the release of the Karen Emergency Relief Committee (Kyaukgyi Township),

Six civilians were killed and 13 others were seriously injured in KNU’s Kyaukkyi Township from May to August 15 of this year due to heavy weapons, drones and aerial assaults by the regime forces, while 18 people were imprisoned and five others were killed, according to the Karen Emergency Relief Committee (Kyaukkyi Township).

News – Than Lwin Times

Photo: KNU

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