Notorious BGF officer assassinated in Kyaikto


Kyaikto, 25 August

Notorious Lieutenant Win Soe from the Border Guard Force (BGF) was shot dead in  Kyaikto township, Mon State,  around 7 a.m. on 24 August, the Kyaikto Revolutionary Force (KRF) told Than Lwin Times.

The combined force of KRF and Waw PDF attacked the white Mark II car of BGF Lt. Win Soe, who was returning from the market in Kyaikto, near the Tar Baung bridge between Kawt Htin and Bo Yar Gyi villages.

Both BGF Lieutenant Win Soe and his wife died on the spot in the attack, and the car was damaged.

The KRF spokesperson said that since BGF Lieutenant Win Soe cooperated with the military council and abused and tortured the people after the coup, the KRF took time to assassinate him.

According to the KRF statement, BGF Lieutenant Win Soe led a gambling ring in Kyaikto, provided information for the junta army and police, engaged in illegal car smuggling, threatened villagers, and bought agricultural land in the villages at a low price.

Furthermore, KFR claimed that Lieutenant Win Soe is responsible for the arrest of political activists, the use of weapons against innocent people, the shooting and killing of a local child, and violent arrests.

The dead BGF Lieutenant Win Soe and his wife were examined by the military council and the police, and then the bodies were taken to Kyaikto Public Hospital.

On J22 une, U Ye Naing, a member of the Kyaikto administrative council, was shot and killed in front of the Kyaik Pi village monastery in Kyaikto Township.

News – Than Lwin Times

Photo: KRF


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