Regime troops retreat after suffering heavy losses in attempt to recapture Lat Khat Taung camp


Myawaddy, 26 August

The junta army was forced to retreat with heavy casualties a month after launching an offensive to retake Lat Khat Taung camp, said Bo Da Baw, the commander of the Cobra column.

It has been a month since the regime forces have been conducting ground and air attacks with massive forces to recapture the Lat Khet Taung tower hill camp in Myawaddy Township, Karen State, which was occupied by the revolutionary forces.

In order to recapture the lost Lat Khet Taung hill camp, the military council has been counter-offensive since July 24 with more than 100 forces from Light Infantry Battalions 2 and 118 under the direct instructions of the 44th Division Commander.

However, the military council launched 10 raids within a month but could not even approach the foot of Lat Khet Taung and had to retreat with many casualties, said Commander of the Cobra column, Lieutenant Bo Da Baw.

On 21July, the KNLA’s Cobra Column captured Lat Khet Taung Tower hill camp, which is strategically important in the Brigade 6 area and houses nearly 60 junta troops.

The junta imprisoned the military council’s battalion commander and deputy battalion commander of LIB 2, who retreated without receiving orders in Mon State’s Kyaikto for defying the order.

According to the statement of KNU’s Dooplaya District on 15 August, 17 persons were killed, including two captains, and 34 others were injured during the battle this month near Lat Khet Taung hill camp.

During the offensive to recapture Lat Khet Taung hill camp, two soldiers from LIB 118 under the 44th Division and a member of Border Guard Force defected to the KNLA joint force along with ammunition.

News – Than Lwin Times

Photo: KNU


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