U Aung San Myint, Secretary 2 of Karenni National Progressive Party

Major General Zaw Min Tun, the spokesperson of military council, said at the 22nd press conference of military regime, that the junta is working for strengthening multi-party democracy and a Union-based on democracy and federal system as part to their political objectives.

The military council again invited ethnic armed organizations that advocate state-building and peace to take part in peace dialogue.

This interview with U Aung San Myint, Secretary 2 of Karenni National Progressive Party is about the military council’s invitation for building democracy and federal system, peace dialogue and the military’s policy not to negotiate with ‘terror groups’.

TLT: Military council said that they are working for strengthening multi-party democracy system, democracy and federal system. What is your view on this?

U Aung San Myint: Their narratives about establishment of federal democracy system and multi-party democracy can be checked with their actions. They revoked registrations of some parties, limiting all-inclusiveness. Federal democracy system cannot be established through 2008 Constitution, which guarantees involvement of military in the politics and supports the military to stick to the power. The constitution do not support equality, justice and self-ruling expected by ethnic people. It is also adopted on centralization. So, it will not help in establishing federa democracy.

 TLT: Spokesperson of military council said that they have no way to hold talks with any organization they labelled as ‘terror group’. What is your view on it?

U Aung San Myint:  He said they will not hold talks with ‘terror groups’. A question here is ‘who are committing terror acts such as  airstrikes and heavy weapon shelling on church, clinic, hospital, religious buildings. They targeted civilians, arrested people and committed mass-killings throughout over two years in the revolution. Ethnic people have suffered such crimes.

 TLT: The military council also said that four ethnic armed organizations, including KNPP, will be claimed as terror groups depending on their activities. What is the response of KNPP to it?

U Aung San Myint: The NCA is based on 2008 Constitution. It will not ensure our expectation of equality, justice and self-ruling. It focuses on the system of centralization. Moreover, the constitution is supporting military’s involvement in politics, and helping to foster the military to clinch power. It is not possible to hold dialogues in this NCA. The ten signatories of NCA have also realized it.

It is clear that that military will not develop the country with NCA as they have violated provisions it. So, KNU and CNF has claimed the dissolve of NCA, and resumed armed struggles. NCA has no guarantee for peace anymore. Before the military labelled our organizations as ‘terror groups’, they need to define the meaning of ‘terror’. Actually, the military is committing terror acts and exercising ‘fascism’. We actually expect equality of nationalities and justice.

TLT: What is your concluding remark in this interview?

 U Aung San Myint: Revolution after the military coup is ‘people’s revolution’. As people could not choose political dialogue, they have opted for armed struggle and defensive war. The military committed armed terror acts. Moreover, political crisis cannot be solved with any individual or organization. Respective stakeholders must take part in political dialogue inclusively. So, the military needs to initiate scenarios for political dialogue. Although the military is demanding us to stop our  attacks, they first need to end their targets on civilians.

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