Fighting resumes in Thayet Chaung


Thayetchaung, 27 August

Renewed clashes have erupted between the junta army and resistance forces in Tanintharyi Region’s Thayet Chaung Township since 24 August, members of Peoples’ Defense Forces told Than Lwin Times.

On August 24, a convoy of more than 80 troops entered Yange village from Winwa village in Thayet Chuang Township, triggering clashes those two villages.

On August 25, the regime forces approached Ka Twe village and clashed with the allied resistance force.

According to a member of the Thayet Chaung PDF, at least three soldiers were killed in the two-day battle, and the number of injured remains under investigation.

According to the local residents, the junta column, which lost heavy casualties in the battle that took place near Ka Twe village, entered the village and set fire to a house that attached to a grocery store.

More than 1,000 residents from six villages, including Ka Twe, Win Wa, Yange, and Kamyaing, have fled to safe places due to the fighting.

According to local research organizations, more than 36,000 local residents were forced to flee the fighting between the military council and the revolutionary forces in Tanintharyi in July.

News – Than Lwin Times

Photo: Social Media (file photo)


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