Thandaungyi, 29 August

The displaced people who have been fleeing for more than a month due to fighting in the Yado area of the Brigade 2 are now in trouble for their livelihood, and the aid groups have called for the people to assist them.

Since July 11, fighting between the junta army and KNLA joint forces has been intense in the Yado area of Thandaungyi Township and KNU Brigade 2 of Taungoo District, with the junta carrying out at least 30 airstrikes.

As a result of the fighting, more than 2,000 local residents who fled from the villages of Daryo, Kalayta, Tatkone, War Ban Kho, Bayal Saw and War Thaw Kho in the Yado region have taken refuge in the nearby forests and safe places and have not returned to their homes until now.

As time goes by, it becomes increasingly difficult for displaced persons to feed their families, and they require urgent food supplies.

The Tun Myanmar Donation, a group that is assisting the refugees, has requested the relevant officials and donors to provide rice, oil, salt, fish paste, and seasoning powder for the IDPs in Yado.

Because it is Djenkol season, the Yado IDPs want to return to their villages to harvest the crops, but they are afraid of being arrested by the military council and are hoping for protection.

The Kayan New Generation Youth (KNGY) group announced that the Yado displaced people want to return to their homes as soon as possible and are in need of clothes, food, and utilities.

More than 20 houses, including Christian religious buildings, were destroyed due to the military council’s aerial bombardment in Yado region, and at least 2,000 residents were forced to flee, according to the KNU’s Taungoo District.

News – Than Lwin Times Photo: Tun Myanmar Donation

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