NUG seeks support of international community like Timor-Leste


Mawlamyine, 29 August

The National Unity Government has appealed governments of international community to stand in solidarity with Myanmar people, like Timor-Leste has done and provided support to Myanmar for its return to the path of democracy.

The  statement of NUG  on 28 August requested to the governments which respect and value democratic principles, human rights values and standards and embrace humanitarianism.

  The miliary council ordered on 27 August to diplomats and embassy staff  of Timor-Leste   in Yangon to leave Myanmar by 1 September.

NUG’s statement said, “Being an illegal organization that has unlawfully taken control of the country’s power through the use of force, the junta does not hold any authority to make decisions concerning the international diplomatic relations of the State.

It also includes that Timor-Leste’s steadfast stance as a good friend will always be deeply remembered and the sincere gratitude will be permanently inscribed in the hearts of the National Unity Government andt he people of Myanmar.

Comments on Than Lwin Times’ report on Myanmar military’s expulsion of Timor-Leste diplomats said that when the civilian government took office in Myanmar, Timor-Leste should be exempted from taxation and allowed for doing investments.

News—Than Lwin Times



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