Under the guidance of Karenni State Consultive Council (KSCC), the Karenni State Police Force (KSP)  was formed with CDM police force, and it has been 2nd anniversary on 25 August.

The KSPF has established seven police stations.

This interview with Ko Bo Bo, the in-charge of KSPF is about the formation of their force, adopting a draft police law and their ongoing challenges.

TLT: Could you kindly explain the brief activities of KSPF over the past two years?

Ko Bo Bo: We are working for policing over the past two years, while we have established eight police stations and four police outposts.  During this period, we have taken actions against 362 cases. We filed charges against offenders after we received complaints. We filed lawsuits systematically at our courts with concrete evidences. After the judges passed convictions, we transferred the criminals to the prisons. We also conduct investigation course for capacity-building of our force. The online courses include democratic policing and public-based policing. Then, knowledge was shared to our police forces, and further training courses were also conducted. Batch (2) training course for new police force of Karenni state was conducted, with 35 percent of women trainees.

TLT: It was learnt that Karenni State Police Force has adopted a draft police law for implementation. What is the ongoing status of this law?

Ko Bo Bo: The draft law has been almost completed, and the approval of Karenni State Interim Executive Council is needed.

TLT: Which organizations involved in drafting this police law?

Ko Bo Bo: This draft law was created by KSCC leaders, experienced officers of KSP and legal experts.

 TLT: Do this law include public services? How will it help people.?
Ko Bo Bo: The law includes rules and regulations for Karenni police force, their positions and responsibilities, organizational structures, dealing with public, objectives, and police cases. These were adopted to meet the situations of interim period.

TLT: To what extent the law will be effective in Karenni state where armed conflicts are escalating?

Ko Bo Bo: This law will fully cover in our controlled area. As this is an interim period, we can amend and update it to meet the changing situations. It is also flexible to be amended it in post-interim period.

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