More homes of revolutionary forces sealed off in Mon State


Mawlamyine, 31 August

The military council has been frequently sealing off the homes of the Mon State’s revolutionary forces, who are fighting against the military regime that has taken over the country’s power by force of arms.

On 29 August, the regime forces sealed off the home and a warehouse of Ko Yan Shin, a member of the Kyaikto Revolutionary Force (KRF), in Taung Thu Su ward of Kyaikto.

Similarly, the home of Ko Soe Htike Augn from Ottan village in Paung Township was cordoned off.

On August 17, the junta army also sealed off the house of the mother-in-law of Ko Ye Thway Nyi, the commander of the Kyaikto Revolutionary Force (KRF), in the northern ward of Kyaikto, on the grounds that he used to live there.

Ko Yan Shin, a member of the KRF, said that the military council army, which suffers heavy losses on ground battles, is sealing off the houses of the revolutionary forces in order to instill fear in the people, and there is nothing to say about this.

The resistance fighters whose houses were sealed off were fined in absentia under the Anti-Terrorism Law, which can carry life in prison or the death penalty.

According to the data compiled by Than Lwin Times, almost 50 houses of revolutionary forces in Mon State have been sealed off since the coup.

The Assistance Association for Political Prisoners (AAPP) reported on 25 April that over 750 residences and assets had been sealed off nationwide over the past two years following the coup.

News-Than Lwin Times

Photo-Social Media


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