Junta bans paying tribute to Mon martyrs leaders on Mon Revolution Day


Chaungzon, 2 September

The military council banned paying tribute to the leaders of the Mon martyrs  at the event on the 76th Mon Revolution Day, which was held in Mu Don Village, ChaungzonTownship, Mon State, locals told Than Lwin Times.

Mon people were denied the chance to pay tribute when they came to lay wreaths and pay respect to the Mon Revolution leaders at the graves in Mu Don village on 31 August, the 76th Mon Revolution Day.

After the massive force of junta army, police, and militia members arrived that morning during the ceremony for Mon Revolution Day, they asked the people not to salute the Mon martyr leaders but instead to worship sitting down.

After that, the regime forces monitored the visitors to the ceremony of Mon Revolution Day and arrested a man who paid tribute the graves of Mon leaders, according to a source close to the incident.

According to reports, a Mon ethnic man who was arrested has been released with the help of authorities of organizing committee.

A person who saw the incident wrote on his Facebook account, “Don’t bow or salute; you will be arrested”.

A Mon youth criticized the action of the military council as restricting ethnic rights, and this is proof that nothing can be expected under military regime.

The residents of Paung Township in Mon State requested permission from the military council to hold the Mon Revolution Day, but the Township’s administrative authorities turned it down.

The 76th Mon Revolution Day ceremony was held in the areas controlled by the New Mon State Party (NMSP), including Thanphyuzayet, Mudon, and Ye Townships and some areas where the Mon people live.

News – Than Lwin Times

Photo: Dawei PDF


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