Belin, 6 September

Residents from six villages fled their homes as the junta column advanced towards Alu Lay village in Mon State’s Belin, according to displaced people.

Residents say that the nearly 100-strong junta army marched near Alu Lai village, split into groups, and went into hiding.

Residents of six villages, including Alu Lay, Alu Gyi, Win Pyan, Ale Ywar, and Anauk Ywar, are fleeing to safety for fear of fighting.

The day before yesterday, the residents of Alu Lae fled the fighting between the regime forces and the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA), and now almost all the villagers are fleeing because of the arrival of more troops.

Three members of the KNLA joint forces were killed in the battle on September 4, and the regime forces sustained fatalities as well, though the exact number is unknown.

According to the resistance fighters, the conflict may intensify now that the military council has reinforced troops in Alu Lay village, where the tension remains tense.

Following the military coup, frequent clashes erupt between the two rival groups—the junta army and KNLA joint forces—in the resistance stronghold of Belin Township.

News-Than Lwin Times


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