Junta extorts money from 10 captives in exchange for their release in Ye


Ye, 7 September

The military council released 10 civilians who were arrested without apparent reason from Kanin Kamaw and Ywar Thit villages in Mon State’s Ye Township after demanding money from them, locals confirmed to Than Lwin Times.

On September 1, the junta army arrested 10 farmworkers and villagers from Kanin Kamaw and Yyar Thit villages following a battle near Than Ka Daik village in Ye Township.

The regime forces kept them for three days before releasing them on September 4 for a fee of five to ten lakhs each.

According to a resident, some of them were released with the recommendation of the village administrator, but the majority had to pay cash to the junta army.

On August 29, a battle broke out between the regime troops and KNLA joint forces near Than Ka Daik village, killing seven soldiers and wounding eight others, according to the allied resistance forces.

Whenever there is fighting in Ye Township, where martial law has been declared, the regime troops arrest and threaten locals and extort money from them.

News – Than Lwin Times

Photo- Social Media


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