ASEAN People’s Forum has declared Myanmar junta as ‘terrorist organization’. The declaration has destroyed  its dignity, and may have some impacts on diplomatic sector.”Civil societies from ASEAN member states organized ASEAN People’s Forum in Jakarta, Indonesia, from 1 to 3 September, and declared Myanmar military as a ‘terrorist organization.

The forum said that Myanmar military shut down internets, and has committed war crimes and crimes against humanity  such as airstrikes and genocide, and threatened the security and stability of the region. And that it was declared as a ‘terrorist organization’.

This interview with Ko Lwan Thu, the spokesperson of Sagaing Forum is about APF’s declaration, impacts on Myanmar military in diplomatic role, and possible official contact of ASEAN member countries.

TLT: What is your view on declaration of ASEAN People’s Forum on the Myanmar military as a ‘terrorist organization’ ? Will it have impacts on Myanmar in diplomatic role?

Ko Lwan Thu:  I assumed that ASEAN People’s Forum represents the whole community of ASEAN people. This declaration will tarnish dignity of the military council, and may have some impacts on diplomatic role as other people in the region are working for Myanmar issue.

TLT: Will ASEAN government take action against the military, and contact with resistance group after this declaration?

Ko Lwan Thu:  Foreign Minister of NUG Dr Zin Mar Aung was invited to the oath-taking ceremony of Timorese President recently. In addition to the declaration of APF, Malaysia and Indonesia have called international communities for pressure on Myanmar junta. So, ASEAN members are expected to contact with NUG. However, international scenario is based on interest of individual countries, and that it is not possible to become fully cooperation at the moment.

TLT: What is your comment on the declaration of APF on Myanmar military as a ‘terrorist organization’?

Ko Lwan Thu:  While we are trying to disclose atrocity and cruelty of  military junta, the world is still watching situation of our country. Likewise, although ASEAN understand our people, they have some limitations to take action. So, they could not recognize us and hardly to cooperate with our people.

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