Students among four killed, six others injured by junta air raid in Hpapun


Hpapun, 10 September

Four people, including students, were killed and six others were injured in an aerial bombing on Htee Kaw Htar villae in Nar Ko Htee village tract of Dweiloe Township, KNU’s Hpapun District, reported the Karen Peace Support Network (KPSN).

On September 6, the Khaypu camp of the junta army in Luthaw Township of KNU Brigade 3 area was seized by the joint forces of the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA) and Special Forces.

After relinquishing the camp, the junta air force bombarded Htee Kaw Htar village in Hpapun District on 7 September morning.

One teacher and three students were killed, while another teacher and five other students were injured in the bombing, according to KPSN.

In addition, on September 8 at noon, the military council used an aircraft to drop four bombs on Khale Htar, Ge Yu and Tar Khe De villages of the KNU’s Hpapun District.

The KNU claimed that the military council’s Khaypu camp was occupied because of its continuous human rights violations against the residents by firing large and small weapons into the villages, arresting and interrogating the villagers, and violating the local people’s rights.

The junta army suffered heavy casualties while some comrades from the KNLA joint forces sustained injuries, but the KNLA confiscated some heavy weapons, firearms, and ammunition, according to KNU Brigade 5.

News-Than Lwin Tims



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