Mawlamyine, 12 September

Activities of some people’s defence force have threatened rule of law, said U Thein Oo,  Union Minister for Justice of NUG.

During the meeting with judges of NUG on 9 September morning, the minister said, “While our forces are fighting against the enemies, some of our organizations are threatening rule of law. It commonly occurs in  other revolutions of the world.”

Although there are some weaknesses in rule of law during revolutions, it must be prevented not to lose public trust on Spring Revolution and not to cause encouragement to the military council.

 He also highlighted that law enforcement actions need cooperation of other organizations with the Ministry of Justice.

The ministry has formed the Interim Judiciary Implementation Committee to enforce rule of law, and the minister advised to set up supporting mechanism comprised with courts on the ground, township legal office and prison departments.

The NUG is also preparing to establish the Rule of Law Coordination Committee.

News— Than Lwin Times


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