No discussion on formation of BNRA led by Bo Nagar: NUG says


Yangon, 13 September

The National Unity Government (NUG) officials did not have any discussions regarding the formation of the Burma National Revolutionary Army (BNRA) led by Bo Nagar, reported the NUG President’s Office on September 12.

According to the spokesperson of the President’s Office, Acting President Duwa Lashi La and Defense Minister U Yee Mon met with the leader of the Myanmar Royal Dragon Army (MRDA) through a Zoom meeting based on the recognition of the leaders of the ground revolution and unity for the revolution.

The NUG clarified that the main purpose of the meeting is to include the revolutionary groups in the Chain of Command (COC) established by the Ministry of Defense and allies in each military region and to cooperate with the administrative and defense mechanisms established by the National Unity Government.

In addition, the meeting highlighted the need to participate in security sector transformation programs to be implemented beyond the revolutionary period, according to the statement.

The NUG President’s Office stated that there had been no other discussions or agreements between Bo Nagar, and Interim President Duwa Lashi La and Minister of Defense U Yee Mon except for the above discussions.

The chairman of the Burma National Revolutionary Army (BNRA), Bo Nagar, told Than Lwin Times that he did not want to comment on the statement of the NUG President’s Office because he was afraid that it would lead to controversy, and that he would continue to work for the revolution.

MRDA leader Bo Nagar, a revolutionist from the resistance stronghold region of Sagaing in upper Myanmar, announced the formation of the Burma National Revolutionary Army (BNRA) on September 9.

Bo Nagar said the BNRA was formed with local people’s defense forces that are not under the NUG’s Chain of Command (COC), including MRDA battalions.

He added that the formation of BNRA is not the establishment of a faction, and will work together with NUG President Duwa Lashi La, Defense Minister U Yee Mon, and relevant department officials.

The announcement of the President’s Office of the National Unity Government (NUG) came after the statement of Bo Nagar on September 9, when the Burma National Revolutionary Army (BNRA) was formed.

News – Than Lwin Times

Photo: BNRA


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