Residents flee junta’s invasion in Kyainseikgyi’s Kale Tagondaing village


Kyainseikgyi, 14 September

Local people were forced to flee their homes as junta columns invaded Khale Tagondaing village tract in Karen State’s Kyainseigyi Township, said the sources.

The military column entered Kale Tagondaing village tract in Karen State’s Kyainseikgyi through Taung Kalay Village of Kyaikmaraw Township and Taung Nyo Mountain Ranges of Mudon Township, Mon State, on September 12.

The regime column has been stationed near residents and schools in Myohaugn, Kale Tagondaing, and Kale villages and is likely to head to the police station, which runs on low food in Tagondaing village.

A resident said that local people were fleeing, and schools were also closed, fearing that the entry of the column would lead to further clashes with the local KNLA joint forces.

The Kale Tagondaing village tract in Kyainseikgyi Township is situated in Win Ye Township of the KNU Brigade 6, Dooplayar District, where frequent skirmishes erupt between military council and the joint forces of the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA).

In July, a fierce battle broke out between the combined forces of the KNLA and the junta army that entered Kale Tagondaing village, and thousands of local residents were forced to flee due to the junta airstrikes and artillery fire into the villages.

During the battle, some civilians were injured or killed, and at least 10 civilians were arrested by the military council, according to locals.

News-Than Lwin Times



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