More than 2,500 residents fleeing junta shelling in Theinzayet


Theinzayet, 15 September

More than 2,500 local people are fleeing as the regime troops fire artillery shells into Kha Ywe village, Theinzayet town of Mon state’s Kyaikto township on a daily basis, locals confirmed to Than Lwin Times.

On September 9, military council forces stationed in Pauktan village, Waw Township, Bago Region, fired heavy weapons into Kha Ywe Village.

About 2,500 local residents from the entire village of Kha Ywe have fled due to the junta army’s mortar shelling, as have some local residents from nearby Win Kan and Thone Khwa villages.

According to local residents of Kha Ywe, the regime troops launch at least 6 to 12 artillery shells per day.

The displaced people reportedly have to take shelter in the orchards and forests, making it difficult for their livelihood.

Houses in Kha Ywe village have been damaged, but the people have not yet returned, so the extent of the damage is unknown.

When junta troops invaded the border between Kyaikto and Belin townships in the second week of August, more than 3,000 residents from five villages, including Hngat Pyaw Taw, were forced to flee to safer areas.

News-Than Lwin Times



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