Strict inspection at Mayanchaung checkpoint causes travel delays


Kyaikto, 15 September

A joint team of departmental officials has tightened inspections at the Mayanchaung checkpoint in Mon State’s Kyaikto Township, causing delays, said travelers and drivers.

The military council has been having vehicles wait in line for security reasons since the first week of September, conducting thorough inspections of individuals and products.

Hundreds of cars get stuck every day due to the military council’s severe inspection, and it takes at least two to three hours for travelers to pass through the Mayanchaung checkpoint.

A driver told Than Lwin Times that almost all vehicles are checked at Mayancahung Gate, causing travel delays.

Furthermore, he continued, the military personnel opened and checked every container of goods as well as individuals, wasting time.

One of the charity’s drivers said, “The traffic jams at the Mayanchaung checkpoint make it difficult to transport patients”.

The Mayanchaung checkpoint is located on the Mawlamyine-Yangon highway, which is the key commerce route for Mon State, Karen State, and Tanintharyi Region, and the unnecessary inspections by the military council have a significant impact on trade.

Since the coup, the military council has set up more checkpoints along the Mawlamyine-Yangon highway for security reasons, demanding exorbitant amounts of money from passenger vehicles and trucks.

News – Than Lwin Times



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