Military regime’s capacity collapse NUG says


Mawlamyine, 17 September

The military regime, which has relinquished three camps, has suffered from poor morale and deteriorating combat skills, said Padoh Saw Tony, the spokesperson of the Karen National Union (KNU).

Thit Cha Seik, Saw Law Kyo Khaypu and Ye Ta Yauk camps of the military council in the KNU-controlled areas were captured by the combined force of the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA) during the two-week battle from September 1 to 14.

On September 14, the KNLA seized the Ye Ta Yauk military camp near the Thai-Myanmar border in Kyainseikgyi Township, Karen State, within 25 minutes.

“The battle lasted less than half an hour. I was able to capture a camp and a pile of weapons. “Since we were able to capture their camp within 25 minutes, it is clear that the military group has collapsed in terms of performance and morale,” said Pado Saw Tony.

For the time being, tension remains high between the KNLA joint forces and the junta troops that advanced towards Kale Tagondaing village tract in Brigade 6 area of Karen State’s Kyainseikgyi Township, while the military council’s Kwi Lon Taing camp near the Thai-Myanmar border in the upper region of Kyaikdon Town in Kyainseikgyi Township was also attacked by KNLA joint forces on 24 August.

Sources said that the KNLA ambushed the convoy carrying reinforcements to the Kwi Lon Taing camp, forcing regime forces to flee to the Thai side.

Faced with daily raids on camps, deliberate shootings, and ambushes by the KNLA joint forces, the military council has seen many soldiers wounded or killed, and morale is declining, with some defecting to the KNU, reported the KNU’s Dooplayar District.

News-Than Lwin Times



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