Mone, 20 September

More than 10,000 people have been newly displaced by artillery shelling and airstrikes by the military regime in Mone Township of KNU Brigade 3 area this month, reported the Karen Emergency Relief Committee in Mone.

From 31  August to 16 September, the allied forces of the junta carried out 101 airstrikes and 451 rounds of artillery fire into the villages where the people live and looted and burned the people’s houses and properties on the ground, according to the statement.

Furthermore, according to the committee’s statement, the junta army is mercilessly planting mines in the villages.

Two men and two women were killed and 10 injured in Mone Township this month, three of whom were arrested by the military council.

Targeted attacks on civilians by the junta army forced 11,387 people from 15 villages to flee to safety, and the number of IDPs is growing day by day, according to the statement.

The Mone Township’s Karen Emergency Relief Committee strongly condemns the junta’s targeted terrorist attacks on the people and calls for international organizations to help stop these actions, and to provide the necessary humanitarian assistance for the safety, livelihood, education and health of the people fleeing the conflict.

The Karen Emergency Relief Committee of Mone Township has made clear that they will stand with the public and do their best to address the needs of the people.

News-Than Lwin Times


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