Ye, 20 September

Private electricity distribution company has announced that the price per unit of electricity will be increased to 1,800 kyats in Ye Township of Mon State, where martial law has been declared, locals confirmed to Than Lwin Times.

Following the military coup in Ye Township, the private power provider’s electrical bills have gradually increased.

Electricity charges climbed to 800 kyats per unit after the coup from roughly 600 kyats per unit before the military takeover and have since risen to 1,800 kyats per unit in more than two and a half years.

The private electricity distribution companies such as Southern Myanmar Development and Myat Thura in Ye Township announced in the third week of September that they will charge 1,750 kyats per unit for this month and 1,800 kyats for the next month.

A resident said, “Since the electricity company did not give a month’s advance notice of the plan to increase the electricity bill, businesses may face a lot of losses. They will charge up to 1,800 kyats per unit starting from September”.

Southern Myanmar Development and Myatthura have collected 1,550 kyat per unit of electrical power in recent months.

As the authorities cannot distribute electricity in Ye Township, residents must pay higher fees for electricity sold by private electric providers.

On the other hand, the prices of basic food items have been gradually increasing due to the devaluation of the Myanmar currency following the military coup, and the people are facing a further increase in the price of electricity.

A resident of Lamai Town also told Than Lwin Times that the rise in electricity prices could be a hardship for the grassroots.

In some villages in Ye Township, electricity is distributed periodically through a self-help system, and while those villages rely on generators, the price of electricity rises to 2,200 kyats per unit.

Private electricity companies charge electricity charges based on fuel prices and provide 24-hour service.

However, it is not possible to use electricity everywhere due to the high price of electricity, which may lead to more theft and robbery, according to local residents.

Southern Myanmar Development has stated that it will announce if it is necessary to switch to a periodic power distribution system rather than a 24-hour distribution system due to difficulties in obtaining fuel for huge generators.

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