Mawllamyine, 23 September

Price of one pound of rubber had been set at over 1,700 kyats at the start of this year’s rubber season in Mon State, rubber growers told Than Lwin Times.

The rubber season in Mon State, which has over 500,000 acres of rubber, spans from the middle of September until the end of May every year.

The most common type of Local 3 smoked rubber sheet is priced at 1,720 Kyats per pound, Local 3 sun-dried rubber sheet at 1,700 Kyats per pound, and ribbed smoked sheet (RSS 1) at roughly 1,840 Kyats at the start of this year’s rubber season.

A rubber businessman told Than Lwin Times, “The current price of rubber is fair, but it is difficult to tap rubber in conflict-ridden areas”.

“We are looking for skilled workers to resume the rubber production, but we are facing a labor shortage, and some farms are not even ready to make preparations due to a lack of workers,” stated the rubber growers.

According to a rubber trader, there are few pre-orders from companies and purchasers this year’s rubber season, and rubber sales are slow in the market.

There are few purchases of the remaining rubber from Thailand and China, but there are difficulties in transportation due to strict inspections, according to rubber suppliers.

On the other hand, the rubber farmers are suffering from the excessive increase in input prices, high wages, and general expenses during the coup.

Mon State produces more than 100,000 tons of rubber every year, the majority of which are exported to China.

News-Than Lwin Times


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