Bilin, 25 September

A military convoy was attacked between Bilin and Thahton township, Mon state, on Yangon-Mawlamyine highway, and their causality is expected to be high, according to the local resistance forces.

The joint forces of KNLA and PDF carried out attack on the convoy of nine military trucks headed to Thahton from Yangon on 21 September evening.

A car was damaged in landmine attack, and about 20 soldiers were killed in the incident,  a spokesperson of the Hawk Revolutionary Squad told Than Lwin Times.

The military force retaliated with heavy weapon attacks, and no one of resistance forces were hit.

  On the same day, a policeman and another person were injured in the attack as they drove  an unlicensed car to Dautyet village in Bilin township.

 News—Than Lwin Times


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