Magway, 27 September

Joint resistance forces attacked a local police station in Letpandagar village of Upper Minhla township, Magway region, on 26 September.

Nearly 30 forces of soldiers and police were being stationed there when the raid occurred.

Five members of military council force were killed in 45 minute armed clashes from 1:30 am to 2:15 am, and no one of resistance force was injured.

 “We entered the police station, but we retreated from it as we have no enough equipment for the mission,” said Hercules, the chief of RPA Magway force, to Than Lwin Times.

The mission was carried out by PRA Magway, Upper Minhla People’s Defence Organization, People’s Defence Force of Southern Magway, Asho Chin Defence Force (ACDF) and Key of Revolution guerilla force.

The joint forces have announced they will continue fighting against the military dictatorship for the freedom of Magway region on the western bank of Ayeyawady river.

News—Than Lwin Times

Photo—PRA Magway

Caption: Return of forces from PRA Magway to their base after mission

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