Wuntho, 29 September

Eighteen children were injured by three explosions from the howitzer  shot by Light Infantry Battalion 102 of military council in Gyohtaung village of Wuntho township, Sagain region, on 27 September.

The attacks hit Khantivamsarama monastery where children were learning education, according to the report NUG’s Ministry of Defence.

Six children were seriously injured due to the indiscriminate attack of the military as one of the war crimes.

In mid-September last year, the military conducted aerial attack on a school in Letyetkone village, killing 13 children and adults.

  On 11 April, a total of 168 civilians, including children and pregnant women, were killed in Pazagyi village by the airstrike of military on 11 April.

   The Assistance Association for Political Prisoners has recorded that nearly 2,000 civilians died from aerial and heavy weapon shelling attacks of the military in Sagaing region after the military coup.

News—Than Lwin Times

Photo by Debayin IDP Support Group

Caption: School damaged by aerial attack of military in Letyetkone village

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