Junta warns against collecting income tax from patients


Yangon, 29 September

The military council’s Internal Revenue Department issued a warning on September 28 to officials in charge of disbursing money from private health providers not to collect the 2% income tax on those receiving medical treatment.

According to the military council, some officials in charge of disbursing funds from private health services companies collect an additional 2% income tax from individuals who receive medical treatment rather than deducting 2% income tax from medical practitioners.

Private healthcare providers have been warned not to collect an additional 2% income tax from patients obtaining medical treatment, as the duties of health care workers are a non-commercial service.

In addition, the military council has also instructed those responsible for disbursing money from health care service providers to ensure that they comply with the regulations stipulated in the process of tax deduction and payment.

However, the military council’s Internal Revenue Department has not announced what action it will take against private healthcare providers that collect an additional 2 percent income tax from patients.

The military regime began implementing a plan on September 1 to deduct a tax on the earnings of private medical practitioners.

According to the military council’s statement, the responsibilities of private health service providers and the duties of medical workers who have to pay taxes to comply with the plan have been notified late last month and early this month.

News – Than Lwin Times

Photo: ANM


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