Mawlamyine, 29 September

Mon State has seen increased cases of conjunctivitis or eye allergies not only in children but adults as well due to seasonal changes, doctors told Than Lwin Times.

Viral conjunctivitis is caused by a type of virus and is an airborne disease, so it spreads rapidly and is becoming common in the region.

Although conjunctivitis is nothing to worry about, a doctor recommends that people stop using phones and avoid bright light and wind while suffering from it.

Conjunctivitis typically lasts three to seven days, and people who do not utilize eye drops or take medicines may take some time to heal.

A doctor said that conjunctivitis can occur at any age, and if symptoms are detected, it should be treated at the clinic as soon as possible so as to reduce the infection.

In case of conjunctivitis, doctors warn people that they should use prescription eye drops only after consulting with their doctors to avoid side effects.

Since conjunctivitis is easily contagious, it is important to avoid sharing personal items with people with eye infections and not swimming in public pools.

Conjunctivitis is common in various neighborhoods and towns in Mon State, and there have been incidents where entire families have been affected.

News-Than Lwin Times


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