Three locals from Paung Township facing terrorism charges


Paung, 1 October

Three local women detained by the military regime in Ottan Tar Village, Paw Township, Mon State, have been charged with terrorism offenses that can carry life imprisonment, sources close to family members told Than Lwin Times.

On September 3, after police surveillance officer Ko Ko Lwin from Paung police station was shot dead, regime forces entered Ottan Tar village and arrested at least 10 residents.

Among those arrested, Daw Khin Than Nu, Daw Zin Mar Tun, and Daw Sanda Lin were charged with Section 52(a) and 50(j) of the Anti-Terrorism Act on September 28.

The three women are accused of being associated with the members of the People’s Defense Forces, providing them with money and food.

In the second week of September, the police opened cases against the three residents of Ottan Tar Village: Daw Cho Win, Daw Khin Thidar Kyaw, and Ko Phoe Cho, under the Anti-Terrorism Act.

Five of the 14 residents of Ottan Tar Village arrested by the military council were freed, but six were detained, and the remaining three are being investigated, said sources close to police force.

News-Than Lwin Times



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