Mawlamyine, 4 October

Inshore and offshore fishing in Mon State have been resumed for nearly four months; however, most operators are losing money owing to severe weather and a lack of fish, fishing entrepreneurs told Than Lwin Times.

The inshore and offshore seasons are from July to April every year, but this year, with more storm during the rainy season forcing fishing boats to return to shore, reducing the amount of time available to catch fish.

On the other hand, the prices of fuel and fishing equipment have skyrocketed during the coup, and fish resources have been depleted, resulting in fewer fish being caught and the fishing industry facing losses.

As a result, before the end of the fishing season last year, inshore and offshore fishing companies reduced the number of fishing boats and ceased operations.

This year, the fishing industry is dealing with the same issues due to rising production costs and harsh weather.

A fish entrepreneur told Than Lwin Times that the number of fish in the sea has declined over the last four months. We barely caught around a viss or two viss of fish. Officials are no longer able to protect water resources due to changes in the country’s political situation and economic hardship following the COVID-19 period. Fish became extinct as well”.

In addition, the fish do not fetch a good price in the market due to the poor conservation of water resources during the military council, and the lack of timely conservation of resources leads to the problem of fish extinction.

Mon State has more than 3,000 inshore and offshore fishing boats, producing hundreds of thousands of tons of fish and prawns every year, which are mainly exported to China.

But the fishing industry, like other sectors, is suffering the consequences of the coup due to the military council’s export restrictions and strict regulations.

News-Than Lwin Times


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