The 8th anniversary of Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement signed by eight ethnic armed organizations will fall on 15 October.

The miliary council is prepare for this anniversary event on a grand scale in Nay Pyi Taw.

This interview with Padho Saw Taw Nee is about their opinion on the existing status of NCA, invitation of military council to peace dialogue and establishment of future federal democracy Union.

TLT: What is the opinion of KNU on the existing status of NCA, as well as the plans of military council to organize NCA anniversary?

Padho Saw Taw Nee—Min Aung Hlaing signed in this agreement, but he voilated the agreement with coup. So, the document has been invalid. He is now failing in both political and diplomatic fronts due to his actions.

He  understands the need for his exit from the crisis, so he is organizing peace talks.  He will also try to hold fake elections. It will not happen legitimately as his administration is illegitimage even though he is deceiving international community.

If any organization joined with him, they can be regarded as the same side with the military. At present, his actions are absolutely ridiculious. Nothing will happen.

TLT: What is your view on the military’s invitation to ethnic armed organizations for peace dialogue?

Padho Saw Taw Nee: KNU has cleary stateed our stance on peace dialogue. Firstly, the miltary must leave politics. Secondly, they must accept justice during the transition period and must bear responsibilities for all the offences they committed. And they must agree on ‘no impunity’. Thirdly, they must accept drafting a constitution for federal democracy Union. Finally, they must agree on participation of international organizations at all levels of political dialogues.

Genuine political dialogue is expected only when the military accepted these conditions.

TLT: Does the existing NCA play a crucial role in the establishement of future federal democracy Union?

Padho Saw Taw Nee: We have struggled for a long time to establish federal democracy union. The major obstacle in the establishment of federal democracy union is the military. They never keep their promise, and breach the agreement. They have interfered in politics for more than 60 years. They are a major obstacle in the establishment of federal democracy Union. So we must fight to end military dictatorship.

In addition to militry dictatorship, we do not accept any dictator. We do not need  them, and we need to remove military dictatorship.

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