Kawkayei, 8 October

A drone attack on military forces stationed at a monastery in Karen State’s Kawkayeik Township injured two passers-by including a child, locals said.

On 6 October, around 4 p.m., soldiers at the Dhamma Yama monastery in No. 2 Ward in Kawkayeik were targeted, but the bomb dropped on to the road and exploded.

 A man and a 10-year-old student, were injured in the explosion, and a man was transferred to Hpa-an Hospital for medical treatment.

At around 5 p.m. on the same day, the regime troops stationed at the monastery were again bombed by drones for the second time, but no damage was reported.

Locals in Kawkayeik and the neighboring villages are frequently injured or killed as a result of junta shelling and drone strikes by revolutionary forces.

The 97th Infantry Battalion, based in Kawkayeik, launched three rounds of mortar shells and exploded in An Hpa Gyi village, damaging three houses and injuring a woman in her 50s, according to the KNU-Dooplaya District.

According to the report of the Karen Peace Support Network (KPSN), 16 civilians were killed and 95 injured by the shelling of regime forces in the KNU-Dooplaya District during more than two years of military coups.

News – Than Lwin Times

Photo: Social Media

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