Laiza, 12 October

Military council’s terrorist attack on Mung Lai Hka IDP camp in Kachin State, which killed many civilians, including children, has prompted EAOs to declare that the revolution will not stop.

At least 30 civilians, including children, were killed and nearly 60 were injured in the bombing of the camp near Laiza, where the Kachin Independent Organization (KIO/KIA) headquarters is located.

The Kachin Human Rights Watch (KHRW), said that the junta army carried out a deliberate air attack on the camp at midnight on October 9.

Thirteen children were among the dead, and the action of the military council drew harsh criticism from local and international organizations.

The military council’s attack on a displaced camp is brazenly committing a war crime,” said the KNU spokesperson Pado Saw Kalei Say.

Salai Htet Ni, a spokesperson for the Chin National Front (CNF/CAN), stated Than Lwin Times, “The military council’s terrorist attack will strengthen the revolution rather than calm it down.”

The KNU and CNF are ethnic armed organizations that are strongly opposed to the military council, and the military council bombed the CNF headquarters in Chin State and the KNU’s Kawthoolei area in January of this year.

Junta spokesperson Major General Zaw Min Tun has denied the attack on the Mung Lai Hka IDP village near the KIO/KIA headquarters, saying the explosion occurred at the KIO/KIA’s drop bomb storage area.

An official from KHRW said, “Many civilians were killed because of airstrikes launched by the junta army. The statement of the military council and the situation on the ground are totally different.”

Therefore, the KHRW has called on the international community to take effective action against the organizations and individuals who support the military council’s unjust violence and to take action against the military council, which is committing war crimes, at the international tribunal as soon as possible.

On October 10, the National Unity Government (NUG) called on the world to take effective action against the military council for committing war crimes against humanity.

News – Than Lwin Times

Photo: CJ/ Social Media

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