Dawei, 12 October

The body of one of the three local men detained by the military council in Maung Mae Shaung Village, Dawei Township of Tanintharyi Region, has been discovered, while the other two are still missing, said locals.

After two Dawei prison staff were killed near Maung Mae Shaung village on October 1, regime troops stormed the village and captured three locals, Ko Thar Gang, Ko Myo Swe, and 14-year-old Maung Apu Kyu.

On October 9, the body of Ko Thar Gang was found in the Dawei River, and family members confirmed that it was him.

However, Ko Myo Swe and 14-year-old Maung Apu Kyu are still missing as of October 11, according to local residents.

It is said that blood spots were found near the wharf where the three locals were arrested, as well as the ropes that had tied them up while arresting them.

According to local research organizations, 29 civilians were killed in Tanintharyi in September alone.

News – Than Lwin Times

Photo: Social Media

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