Laiza, 13 October

 Nearly 600 survivors in aerial bombardment of Myanmar military in Kachin state need emergency relief aid, according to aid groups and human rights advocates.

The attack on Mung Lai Hka IDP village, located about 2 miles from Laiza, left 29 causalities and 57 were injured.

Houses of 133 families were destroyed, and humanitarian assistance is needed for 270 males and 305 females in the village.

As these survivors were relocated to other areas, shelters and foods are urgently needed for them, said Ko Jackob from Kachin Human Rights Watch (KHRW) to Than Lwin Times.

“We learned that the survivors in this incident have been relocated to other places. They need shelters and food urgently.”

The Kachin Gender Star Group has said that displaced persons from Mung Lai Hka IDP village need household items, clothes, kitchen utensils and stationaries for students.

 The National Unity Government stated that the military’s attack destroyed IDP camp, schools, kindergarten schools and  a church.

The Mung Lai Hka IDP camp was first set up in 2011, and it has been a shelter for displaced persons from the armed clashes between the military council and KIA after the coup.

The United Nations Myanmar made a statement that the IDP camps are the shelters for displaced persons, and should not be targeted to these facilities.

The statement attributable to the Spokesperson for the Secretary-General on Myanmar said that those responsible for the attack must be held to account, and    civilians should be protected in accordance with international humanitarian law. 

  News—Than Lwin Times

Photo– Simsa Kasa Multimedia

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