Bago, 14 October

Tens of thousands of acres of paddy were damaged by flooding in Bago Region, according to the Myanmar Rice Federation.

Since October 8, Bago has seen record-breaking floods, and tens of thousands of acres of monsoon paddy fields have been inundated.

An official of the Bago Region Rice Association told Than Lwin Times that according to recent data, almost 20,000 acres of monsoon paddy in Bago have been destroyed, and there are still areas that have not yet been counted.

The authorities in Bago and the Myanmar Rice Federation are planning to provide seeds, funds, fertilizers, and other related materials for the farmers whose rice fields have been flooded.

A farmer said that the loss is huge due to the flooding, as the paddy is about to be harvested next month.

According to the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), nearly 50,000 hectares of monsoon paddy are likely to be destroyed due to Bago floods.

Bago Region has more than two million acres of monsoon rice and produces hundreds of thousands of tons of rice.

News – Than Lwin Times

Photo: MFSD

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