Bawlakhe,18 October

Most products, including essential food items, have been in limited supply in Bawlakhe Township, Kayah State (Kareni) because of the blockade imposed by both rival armed forces since the beginning of this month, aid groups told Than Lwin Times.

Fighting between the junta army and Karenni resistance forces has been intense since about three months ago in Bawlakhe so-called military town.

The Karenni Revolutionary Forces and the military council have both barred access to the route to Bawlakhe, causing a lack of goods in the region.

Because most rice and essential foods are out of supply, the inhabitants of Bawlakhe are forced to eat crushed corn, according to aid workers.

Therefore, the military council is trying to deliver food to their troops with more than 60 military vehicles.

The Karenni Revolutionary Forces used to ambush the junta army in Hpruso and Demoso areas along the road to Bawlakhe and temporarily block access to the road for security reasons.

Since the coup, around 60 percent of the local residents have fled their homes due to the fighting in Bawlakhe Township, which has a population of over 8,000 according to the 2014 census.

Junta supporters and military families, on the other hand, keep living in Bawlakhe Township and are severely impacted by the exorbitant rise in commodity prices.

Balaghai Township is only using land for transportation and is facing a shortage of goods due to the blockade by both sides.

News – Than Lwin Times

Photo: RFA/Sky News

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