Belin, 22 October

The regime troops destroyed two inter-village tracts between Khe Mauk and Shwe Yaung Pya village, Dauk Yat village tract in Mon State’s Belin Township, locals told Than Lwin Times.

The nearly 100-strong army of the military council destroyed the Dauk Yat-Khe Mauk and Shwe Yaung Pya-Khe Mauk inter-village tracts with excavators on around 7 p.m. October 20.

The army destroyed the Dauk-Khe Mauk inter-village tract by excavating more than four feet wide and five feet deep, as well as a 25 foot-long bridge and a portion of road on the Shwe Yaung Pya-Khe Mauk road.

The military regime destroyed them on suspicion that revolutionary forces, particularly the KNLA, were taking advantage of those roads to attack battalions and camps.

However, rather than being used by revolutionary forces, these roads are mostly used by local people for economic, social, educational and health purposes.

Due to the destruction of the road, it became difficult for local people from more than 20 villages including Khe Mauk, Kyo Waing, Kadi Pu and Thit Cha Taung villages to travel.

It is reported that the junta army retreated as the revolutionary forces opened fire on them for destroying the inter-village tracts.

Since the coup, the regime troops destroyed at least 10 sections of village roads, including inter-village tracts in Kyaikto, Balin and Thaton townships in Thaton district of Mon State.

News – Than Lwin Times

Photo: CJ

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