Nyaunglaybin, 26 October

Residents of 10 villages were forced to flee in two days due to the military regime’s artillery attack and air assaults in KNU-controlled Nyaunglaybin District, according to the KNU.

On October 22, the junta battalions conducted airstrikes and launched artillery shells into Phoe Ta and Daugn Moe villages in Kyaukkyi Township, Nyaunglaybin District.

The juna battalions based in Kyaukkyi Township fired continuously with heavy weapons at Phoe Tat, Taw Kyaung Pauk, and Gwaygon, Kyauk Tan, Maung Pyar and Kwin Talar Gyi villages in Shwe Kyin, according to the statement on October 23.

Many local people in Nanza, Talaing Khin, Phoe Ta, Chauk Te Su, Ywar Thar Yar and Kon Chaung Wa villages in Kyaukkyi Township, and Gwaygon, Kyauk Tan, Maung Pyar and Kwin Talar Gyi villages in Shwe Kyin and nearby villages have fled the regime troops’ brutal actions, said the statement.

The KNU said that two civilians from Taw Kyaung Pauk village and one from Sat Su village were hit and injured in the explosion.

The military council’s targeted attacks on civilians and human rights violations have increased the number of displaced people in KNU territory, said the Karen Peace Support Network (KPSN).

The number of displaced people in the 3rd Brigade area of KNU’s Nyaunglaybin District has risen to about 240,000 as a result of the military council’s attack, human rights violations, and fighting, and they are in desperate need of humanitarian assistance, according to the statement.

News-Than Lwin Times


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