Resistance forces, activists urge people to boycott junta’s planned Dawei Alms Bowls Floating Festival


Dawei, 28 October

Revolutionary forces and democratic campaigners have called on people not to take part in the Dawei Alms Bowls Floating Festival, which will be organized by the military council in Dawei, Tanintharyi Region.

The military council plans to organize a traditional Dawei Alms Bowls Floating Festival with crowds of people on Dawei’s Kannar Road on October 29, which will fall on the full moon day of the Thadingyut.

On October 24, six local revolutionary groups called on the public not to go to the event out of compassion for the people who are grieving across the country.

Ko Yaung Ni, the spokesperson from Dawei-PDF, told Than Lwin Times that, “We don’t want to take part in the festival because of the burning of local homes and the killing of civilians in Ye Phyu and Thayetchaung Townships in Dawei.”

Dawei Alms Bowls Floating Festival is the traditional culture of the Dawei people, so instead of going to the event held by the military council, locals should celebrate in separate places with their own plans, suggested Ko Min Lwin Oo, a member of the Dawei District Strike Committee.

Most of the people of Dawei said that they would not participate in the Dawei Alms Bowls Floating Festival organized by the military council.

On October 25, a stun grenade explosion occurred near the performance state on Kanna Road in Dawei, where the festival was planned to be held.

News – Than Lwin Times

Photo: CJ


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