Debayin, 1 November

Military Junta troops arrested and arbitrarily killed 8 civilians with no reason in Debayin township, Sagaing Region,   the aid group for displaced persons in Debayin township told Than Lwin Times.

Soldiers arrested 19 villagers, and 9 of them were killed from 21 to 28October while the junta troop raided the western part of Debayin township.

“Recently, the military junta column is being stationed around Mote Se which is the border of Ye U and Debayin township. It is known that Masoeyein villagers were hit by shots fired from Debayin last night. The details remains unknown,” An official of Debayin refugee support group told to Than Lwin Times.

Among the victims, a 60 years old man was beheaded, while a 34 years man was beheaded, dismembered and disfigured but they are not identified yet, according to the source.

The military column had around 100 soldiers, and   more than 10,000 residents from the villages along the military column are fleeing from the villages.

People who were captured along the military column have not been released yet, and displaced people are also in need of food, according to the aid groups.

News—Than Lwin Times


Caption: Villagers flee from military column in Debayin township at night

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