Mawlamyine, 7 November

Many gas stations in Mon state are running out of fuel due to travel delays in recent days, fuel suppliers told Than Lwin Times.

The military council is conducting inspections of tanker trucks for security reasons at the X-ray checkpoint on the Yangon-Mawlamyine highway near Nyaungkharshae village, causing travel delays.

Fuel trucks used to have to queue for around four hours at the X-ray checkpoint, but these days they have to wait at least nine hours a day.

A fuel supplier said, “The junta sells fuel normally through a quota system, but fuel shortages occurred due to travel delays.”

Gas stations can only get fuel from the military council through the quota system during the high season, when the demand for fuel increases.

Many towns and cities, including Mawlamyine, have seen shortages of 92 and 95 gasoline, and premium diesels are no longer available at some stations.

A social worker said that the shortage of fuel is making it difficult to transport patients.

In June of last year, the military council announced that gas stations will be required to report to the authorities if there is a shortage of fuel and that action will be taken against gas stations that fail to prevent fuel shortages.

According to fuel dealers, fuel shortages have been reported to the military council’s Petroleum Products Supervision and Inspection Department, but no solution has been provided.

Since the coup, Mon State, like other regions and states, has often faced high commodity prices and fuel shortages.

News – Than Lwin Times

Photo: TLT

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