Junta threatens to file lawsuit against farmers who failed to repay loans


Belin, 7 November

The military council’s township administrative team has threatened to file legal action against farmers who failed to repay loans obtained from the Myanmar Agricultural Development Bank in Beilin Township of Mon State.

The Beilin Administarative Committee issued a warning letter to farmers in the third week of October, requesting that they repay the previous year’s loans for monsoon rice and winter crops and the COVID loan by November 15.

Major Naung Aung Tun, a member of the Belin Administrative Team, signed the notification stating that if the farmers do not repay the loan within the deadline given, legal action will be taken under existing law.

A farmer told Than Lwin Times that the military council’s notice threatened to arrest the person if the loan was not repaid.

The threat of the military council has forced some farmers to mortgage or sell their assets, including land, to repay the loans, but most farmers are struggling to do so.

Belin farmers have experienced three floods in Belin Township this year, destroying nearly 30,000 acres of monsoon rice, and are suffering losses due to the high cost of production under the military regime.

News – Than Lwin Times

Photo – MOI


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