Pekhon, 9 November

A junta soldier from the light infantry battalion 422, based in Pekhon City, Kayah State, defected with weapons and ammunition, reported by PEKHON PDF -2 (B-1006).

 On 7 November, he fled while the junta battalions were deployed for security on the road leading to the northern Shan’s frontline.

He has been presented cash award, and well accommodated by the  Botahtaung Squadrion.

In September, three junta soldiers defected to   PEKHON PDF-2 (B-1006) battalion with ftheir weapons and ammunition.

More than 15,000 soldiers and police have joined civil disobedience movement since the military coup in Myanmar, according to NUG’s data.

As the military junta is being defeated in ground battles, more junta soldiers may be more cooperate with people, according to the military analysts and CDM supporters.

News – Than Lwin Times

 Photo, Pekhon-PDF

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