Mawlamyein, 12 November

Having lost bases and outposts throughout the country, the military council has beefed up security and tightened inspections in most townships of Mon State, locals and revolutionary forces told Than Lwin Times.

The Operation 1027 of the Three Brotherhood Alliance led the military council to increase security and prepare for defense in Kyiakto, Belin, Thaton, Kyaikmaraw, and Ye townships of Mon State, where revolutionary forces are active.

Furthermore, the military council has reinforced checkpoints and entry and exit points in Mawlamyine, Paung, Chaungson, Mudon, and Thanbyuzayet, areas where revolutionary forces are less active.

According to a member of the Karen Revolution Force (KRF), “due to the Operation 1027, the military council has added at least ten soldiers to each checkpoint and security gate and has also equipped heavy weapons and built bunkers in the outposts.”

The junta’s Southeast Regional Command has put its troops on alert, fearing that the KNU and the revolutionary forces will seize the camps in Mon State in the coming days, according to sources close to the military regime.

Fighting between the two sides has been fierce since November 10, when revolutionary forces attempted to take over the police stations and checkpoints in Kyaikmaraw Township, Mon State.

The military council used air strikes during the battle, and the artillery unit based in Mudon Township was constantly firing heavy weapons.

Frequent skirmishes have occurred between the junta army and the revolutionary forces in Kyaikto, Belin, Thaton, Kyaikmaraw, Thanbyuzayet, and Ye townships of Mon State since the junta seized power.

More than 200,000 local residents were forced to flee their homes, and at least 100 civilians were injured or killed in the fighting, according to research organizations.

The revolutionary forces have warned the people to be extra cautious because the fighting between the two sides may intensify in Mon State as the open season approaches.

News-Than Lwin Times

Photo- Social Media

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