Pakokku, 14 November

Food supplies are immediately   needed for more than a thousand people in IDP camps who fleeing from armed conflicts in their places after  junta troops conducted attacks in Pakokku township, Magaway region, an official from local People Administration told Than Lwin Times.

As the junta troops and Pyusawhtee members,  who are taking security for more than 70 vehicles of military convoy returning from Yaw township, burnt and destroyed the villages along the way, forcing locals to flee their homes.

“The junta convoy brought the hostages back from the Yaw township, together with Pyusawhtee. Soldiers from the Zikone township burned the villages of Chong Khwa and Falum O village. They proceeded to Kamma village. They are being stationed in Kamma at present.

“The convoy’s vanguard soldiers have been stationed in a neighborhood since last night,” an official of Pakukku Township Public Administration Forces told Than Lwin Times, adding that the details of Chongkhwa and Falum O villages remain unknown.

 Respective villagers are providing humanitarian assistance to more than 1,600 displaced people from 6 villages along the convoy’s route.

The junta troop is still conducting in Pakokku township and Phusawhtee group has left to the western Kamma township.

News – Than Lwin Times

 Photo – CJ

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